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NOTES: No clinic will be held on February 26. And beginning in March 2019, there will be no pre-registration for REDCap clinics. While February registrations are still being accepted below, they are not required. Please visit our User FAQ page at to learn more, or check StarBRITE at for upcoming sessions.

Q. What is a REDCap Clinic?
A. Clinics are essentially office hours. At least one of our REDCap administrators will be on hand to answer any specific questions you might have. Clinics are informal, held in group format, and a great opportunity to meet (and learn from!) other REDCap users.

Q. What is the clinic schedule?
A. REDCap Clinics are held 12:30-2pm on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays AND 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month.

Q. What is covered?
A. Any topics are welcome. Content is driven by YOU, the attendees. There are no formal presentations, just open question/answer time.

Q. Who should attend?
A. This course is intended for current users of Vanderbilt's primary REDCap system (

Q. Should I bring anything?
A. Please do have a basic understanding of REDCap before attending. Clinics are best suited to specific questions about features, functionality, or errors you might have encountered in a project. We will provide laptops, but feel free to bring yours!

Q. Where is the meeting room?
A. VICTR's REDCap offices are located in the 2525 West End Avenue building. (It's the same building as the Barnes & Noble at Vanderbilt University bookstore.) Take the elevator to the tenth floor. Look for the suite number specified in the Meeting Information section of the Session page. NOTE: We cannot validate parking tickets. We recommend taking the purple shuttle from the main campus; it stops at the back of our building's primary parking deck.

Q. Can I still drop by without registering first?
A. Yes! Registration is not required, and help is still on a first-come, first-served basis (though we will certainly try to accommodate anyone under time crunches). Stop by any time during the posted hours to meet one-on-one with a REDCap administrator.

Q. What if there are lots of people and I don't get help?
A. Please review the current attendee list below to estimate how busy this session will be. We do our best to meet with everyone who attends. Our team is always happy to provide more detailed guidance or follow-ups via email (

Q. Do you offer private meetings?
A. With over 39,000 REDCap users on our primary system alone, group clinics are the best use of both your and our team's time. If attending a clinic isn't feasible for your schedule, please contact us at to address your questions via email.

Q. How can I reach you between clinics? Do you have a hotline?
A. The most reliable and fastest way to reach our entire team is through We route both technical and nontechnical inquiries for the fastest replies. All messages are logged and tracked, with maximum response time being two business days.

Q. I have a general question about doing statistical analyses or randomization. Can you help?
A. The Department of Biostatistics offers free clinics and other help resources for just such questions! Many of their staff are familiar with REDCap. To learn more about how they can support your project, please refer to

Q. What other learning opportunities are available?
A. Please search 'REDCap' in RATE to find a list of our current courses and upcoming sessions. We also speak at the VICTR-sponsored CRC Workshops throughout the year. Upcoming workshop topics can be found on the workshop homepage:

Q. I tried to register but got an error about completing prerequisites. What does that mean?
A. RATE has a known bug that randomly displays an error saying you need to complete prerequisites before registering for a REDCap help clinic. This isn't accurate; there are NO prerequisites. So please feel free to come to any clinic even if you cannot register beforehand. We do appreciate if you would email us at to let us know that you got the error so we can report it to the RATE help desk. If possible, please also email us if you will be coming to clinic without registering so that we have enough REDCap administrators to cover the session.

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